Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Busy Bee!

I STILL haven't finished posting Christmas Craftiness! 
So WHAT am I doing posting about NEW stuff?!?! 
I'm crazy like that ...

I HAVE been busy BTW.  Increase in work hours at primary job.  Which meant a cut back in my weekday hours at the LYS ...  only to team up with Suzanne to start offering more crochet classes!  Insane, I am!

So here are some pics from our "What's Hot!  What's New! in Crochet Workshop" that we had at Knitorious.  Lots and lots of samples!  Whew!  What a whirlwind!  (And no, we did not just make all these for the workshop.  We gathered up our previously made items.  Some were new though.)

And let me just say this:  crochet is hot, hot, H-O-T! 
The response to our workshop was so insane that we had to offer TWO workshops!  AND we still had to turn people away!  So we'll be doing it again!  It's cra-cra! * 

Bonus points if you can spot the "massive giant doily rug" I've got going. 
SRSLY it's huge.  It's for the LYS.

Sigh ... I love seeing all that crochet in one place.  It's awesome.  I've sort of reinspired to try new things.  Like the crocodile stitch!  Check it out:

Thanks to Amanda for modeling this cowl/collar/bandit for me!  It was a good color for her!  This project started out as just a quick swatch for the workshop.  Then it HAD to be a thing!  Honestly!  It wanted to be a finished object so ... it is!  I'll try to get pics of the button closure in the back.  And maybe write an actual pattern for it.  Maybe.  (Attention, Trish!  If this pic were better, you'd recognize the stitch along the neck band!  YOU just finished using it, too!  LOL)

SRSLY folks.  I must be insane ...

* I'm so excited I finally found a slang term I can pull off!