Monday, December 27, 2010

Mini Marishi

My Marishi came to me less than a week after my Sweetie Pie died ... via the Moore Family. She was found by Mama Moore's brother, abandoned and alone. Mama and Papa Moore were not prepared for a kitty member to join the family just yet, but one little Moore, whom we shall call T, didn't really want to give her away.

Little T wanted to keep Marishi. Or as she was known for one day, Princess. (Little girls name EVERYTHING Princess!) So Marishi "decided" that T should have a kitteh of her own. And it should look like the "Princess" she gave away.

I think I did good "manufacturing" a Mini Marishi!

I won't share with you the letter that Marishi "wrote" to little T, but let's just say it was highly amusing ...

Monday, December 20, 2010

Autumnal Leaf

This was "commissioned" by Mom as a holiday gift for someone. And by commissioned, I mean: "ooo...I like that. Would you make one for ..."

This leaf pattern is the entire reason I bought "Crochet Inspiration" by Sasha Kagan. I have never seen a more beautiful crocheted leaf before! I had to make it! The whole book turned out to be completely awesome, so it was like the icing on the cake. I have more plans with this leaf. Oh, the things running through my mind...

Anyway, I actually thought this would've looked really cool mounted on a painted canvas, but Mom just wanted it to be something the recipient could put where ever she wanted. So it's like a giant doily.

The yarn is a really pretty pumpkin color. A nice yarn, Berroco Comfort DK bought at Knitorious. Oh, how I love Knitorious...

BTW, if you NEED yarn (that's the kind of "need" that means you want it so bad you NEED it...) don't miss the big, end of year, "I don't want to count it" sale.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Crafts & Consternations

So it's been my annual tradition for umpteen years now to give my homemade soap for Christmas. I even began holding a soapmaking event for people who wanted to learn or wanted to participate. One year, I broke from tradition to make chocolate dipped biscotti and pretzels. People were actually disappointed. "Oh. You're not giving soap this year? I mean the cookies are really good, soap?" They were dipped in Ghirardelli Chocolate by the way...AND biscotti has to be baked TWICE! Twice the effort and everyone wanted soap instead. *

Well this year no one is getting soap. Again. Sorry. My supplier for the soap base has increased the packaging from a 20 lb. block to 25 lb. block. Which means price for soap AND shipping have both increased. It's still the best price for the best base I have found, but I just can't justify it this year. If I wait until payday, by the time it would arrive, I'd have like 4 days to make soap. Ain't gonna happen, people.

Here's where the "consternation" kicks in. What do I do instead? Maybe something to use up my yarn stash perhaps?? Something like...THIS:

Tawashis! The Japanese scrubbies for washing dishes!
These zip along quickly AND are useful! (Better looking than boring old sponges, I tell you!)

I love these hypberboic curves! (Check out this BLOG for the pattern!)

I can't post many of my other crochet crafties, because they are for destined for specific people. But they will be posted after Christmas for your viewing and coveting pleasure!

* Okay, I'm not REALLY bitching. I feel flattered that people like my soap so much. I know I do!