Monday, December 27, 2010

Mini Marishi

My Marishi came to me less than a week after my Sweetie Pie died ... via the Moore Family. She was found by Mama Moore's brother, abandoned and alone. Mama and Papa Moore were not prepared for a kitty member to join the family just yet, but one little Moore, whom we shall call T, didn't really want to give her away.

Little T wanted to keep Marishi. Or as she was known for one day, Princess. (Little girls name EVERYTHING Princess!) So Marishi "decided" that T should have a kitteh of her own. And it should look like the "Princess" she gave away.

I think I did good "manufacturing" a Mini Marishi!

I won't share with you the letter that Marishi "wrote" to little T, but let's just say it was highly amusing ...

Monday, December 20, 2010

Autumnal Leaf

This was "commissioned" by Mom as a holiday gift for someone. And by commissioned, I mean: "ooo...I like that. Would you make one for ..."

This leaf pattern is the entire reason I bought "Crochet Inspiration" by Sasha Kagan. I have never seen a more beautiful crocheted leaf before! I had to make it! The whole book turned out to be completely awesome, so it was like the icing on the cake. I have more plans with this leaf. Oh, the things running through my mind...

Anyway, I actually thought this would've looked really cool mounted on a painted canvas, but Mom just wanted it to be something the recipient could put where ever she wanted. So it's like a giant doily.

The yarn is a really pretty pumpkin color. A nice yarn, Berroco Comfort DK bought at Knitorious. Oh, how I love Knitorious...

BTW, if you NEED yarn (that's the kind of "need" that means you want it so bad you NEED it...) don't miss the big, end of year, "I don't want to count it" sale.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Crafts & Consternations

So it's been my annual tradition for umpteen years now to give my homemade soap for Christmas. I even began holding a soapmaking event for people who wanted to learn or wanted to participate. One year, I broke from tradition to make chocolate dipped biscotti and pretzels. People were actually disappointed. "Oh. You're not giving soap this year? I mean the cookies are really good, soap?" They were dipped in Ghirardelli Chocolate by the way...AND biscotti has to be baked TWICE! Twice the effort and everyone wanted soap instead. *

Well this year no one is getting soap. Again. Sorry. My supplier for the soap base has increased the packaging from a 20 lb. block to 25 lb. block. Which means price for soap AND shipping have both increased. It's still the best price for the best base I have found, but I just can't justify it this year. If I wait until payday, by the time it would arrive, I'd have like 4 days to make soap. Ain't gonna happen, people.

Here's where the "consternation" kicks in. What do I do instead? Maybe something to use up my yarn stash perhaps?? Something like...THIS:

Tawashis! The Japanese scrubbies for washing dishes!
These zip along quickly AND are useful! (Better looking than boring old sponges, I tell you!)

I love these hypberboic curves! (Check out this BLOG for the pattern!)

I can't post many of my other crochet crafties, because they are for destined for specific people. But they will be posted after Christmas for your viewing and coveting pleasure!

* Okay, I'm not REALLY bitching. I feel flattered that people like my soap so much. I know I do!

Friday, November 19, 2010

The First to Fall...


If you haven't read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, please don't read this post until you have or have seen part 1 of the movie. I don't want to give anything away...

Okay. That being said, when I first read the book (you know...after picking it up at midnight the day it came out) when I came to the part when Harry is escaping the Dursleys' house, I couldn't believe J.K. Rowling killed the bird. I literally shouted out loud and threw the book down. I didn't want to read anymore. Hedwig was Harry's constant friend. His only friend when he was trapped at the Dursleys' every summer. How could she?! I was livid!! I was sad!! I thought she was so heartless!!

...then I calmed down. This was a warning to her readers that this wasn't going to be a happy book. There would be losses. There would be tears.

So in honor of Hedwig, the first of the fallen, I made these Hedwig fingerless mitts. They are for another Harry Potter fan. May she wear them proudly.

The pattern for these can be found, free, on Ravelry if you are a member. The pattern was created by the talented Erika Ward.
These were crocheted in a lovely acrylic/alpaca blend yarn.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Knock, Knock ...

Who's there?


Orchid, who?

Orchid you not! It's another piece of "jewelry".

* Management assumes no responsibility for the 'knock-knock' joke. Creator of the blog has been drinking.

** Creator of the blog wants it known that that is a damn funny joke. The flowers are an orchid pattern. Get it?!? ...and yes, I've been drinking.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fall Back ... Into Spring

Okay. It's going to be in the mid 70's all week. In November.

Don't get me wrong. I love the warm weather - hate the icy, freezing time of the year. HOWEVER I had just finished a wool cape for this Fall/Winter that I haven't been able to wear. And you saw the owl mitts in my previous post - too warm for those, too.

So, what's a girl to do? If Spring wants to "re-spring" in November, then by golly I'll play along!

I've seen similar "jewelry" on-line in places. Decided to try something of my own. It seemed really plain at first. So I added a wee flower. Happy Spring!

... in November.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Check Out My Hoot!ers

You thought this was going to be something R-rated, didn't you? Sorry to disappoint ...

I can't take credit for the pattern. That belongs to Erika Ward. You can find the pattern for the fingerless mitts on Ravelry -- for FREE!!! ... if you're a member, that is.

I had never really worked with cables before. They're kind of a bitch. Twisty, gnarly, reaching behind this to get to that stitch, ... But the end product is well worth it! Didn't look like much until I got about half-way through one. Anyway, the gray ones are mine. The blue ones I made for my Mom. Might have to work up some white "Hedwigs" if you know what I mean ...


Monday, October 25, 2010

I *heart* Halloween

I dunno what it is about Halloween ... maybe because everyone, adults included, get to dress up and act a fool! AND you get candy!

Or maybe it's the spooky decorations. I'm not talking the cheezy, inflatable crap people fill their lawns with. Sorry if you're one of those people, but I hate that stuff. Had someone on my former block who would FILL their yard with that stuff for E-V-E-R-Y f-ing holiday. Seriously. Every one. Couldn't figure out where they stored it all until one night they left the blinds up and the lights on. Entire living room was filled with storage cabinets. You know, those metal ones typically seen in offices? Wall. To. Wall. Seriously?! WTF happened to your living room?!?!

Anyway ... I love decorating my office windows at Halloween. The nursery school kids get a kick out of it. But let's face it: I'm a selfish bit-, gal and I like it. It's all for me. Well, a little for the kids. But mostly for me.

Unfortunately for photo-taking, I'm surrounded by lights and windows. This is the best shot I could get. Just imagine it ... times, like eight windows and one door. There's a spooky house ... spooky tree ... ghosties ... black cat ... witches. It's awesome. AND I just cut it all out as I went a long. Yeah, yeah, I'm THAT obnoxious. Don't draw much of it. It's more of an organic thing.

Oooo! And bats. I almost forgot the bats ...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gee, That's Swell!

I love, love, LOVE this stitch pattern!

Got it from one of my crochet stitch dictionaries. It's called "Ocean Swells" and it makes such a pretty wave pattern. This is for a special throw-blanket project I'm working on ... can say no more. I am working it up in mostly gray with an off-centered band of blue. Very watery!

As you can see, Marishi thinks it's comfy...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Flying Purple People Eater

No idea why I'm titling the post this.
It's a purple shawl. For me. Very purple. Did I mention, it's purple? It's kinda purple.

Anyway, finished it last weekend, but only got around to getting pictures this weekend. The pattern is by the ever fabulous Doris Chan. She rocks. does my best friend, Cara. She modeled it for me since I haven't mastered the art of taking pictures of myself with my camera phone. I know, I know...I have a nicer camera. Why don't I use it?! Because that requires forethought. And planning. And better lighting. Because let's face it, most of my posts would benefit from some proper lighting. And I could benefit from a winning lotto ticket, but we can't always get what we want...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Need. Want. Make?

Oh. My. God.

I just spotted this rug/installation on Apartment Therapy and WOW. Me thinks I need it! ... except I sure as sin don't have the almost $3K it would require to "purchase" said rug by Patricia Urquiola at Unica Home.

I do, however, have some mad crochet skills. Maybe something similar can be ... fashioned. I see a long-term project in my future ...

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Black Hole of Despair

Okay, it's not really the Black Hole of Despair. It's just the shelf above my kitchen sink. Let me first say this: I actually really like my kitchen. Old school, cast iron farmhouse sink. Neat cabinets. However, they DO need painting. Properly. Landlord did crappy job ... every brush stroke shows. Repainting them is something I wouldn't mind tackling if I stay here more than a couple of years.

Anyway, back to the Black Hole of Despair. It's really depressing to look at while washing dishes. So what to do ... what to do. ..

I KNOW!!! I have a solution. (Phase one is already complete, but I'm going to wait until it's fully done before I post the DIY easy fix.) In the meantime, here is the actual Black Hole of Despair for you to fully appreciate:

Black, isn't it? Despair-inducing, no? Big, black, light-absorbing vortex of despair, right? That will soon change ...

Stay tuned!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Why So Blue?

Huh? Why are you? I know I haven't posted anything most of August, but this should make up for it.

Behold! My version of the Deerfield Vest by Kristin Omdahl. She's another awesome crochet designer ... as you can see.

(Sorry - had to cut off my head. I wasn't smiling for some weird reason. I looked really pissed off and I WASN'T!!)

(Sorry for the "foggy" pic - gotta love stepping from a/c to the nice humid STL weather. Damn camera lens fogged up ... but I liked the pic!)

Now for some detailed closeups:

Monday, August 2, 2010


To make "commenting" on blog posts easier for my minions (and others!), you should no longer have to log-in to make a comment. HOWEVER, I will still be moderating them, so they won't post immediately - only after I "approve" them!

So comment away, folks!

But remember, if your comment doesn't excessively flatter, rave about my work, or lavish me with praise, it probably won't get published.

Just kidding.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Crossing the Bridge: Goodbye, Sweetie Pie

Sometimes we say goodbye to our pets before we're ready. But are we ever ready, really? Sometimes we have time to prepare ... sometimes it's an on-the-spot decision to ease, minimize, eliminate their suffering. Either way, it sucks. Big donkey balls, pardon my saying.

Early morning, July 21 I had to make that on-the-spot decision. And yep, it sucked.

So I said goodbye to my big ol' love muffin of a cat. Never met a stranger, never met anyone he didn't love immediately. These are some of my favorite pictures, usually snapped with a camera phone before he stop doing whatever he was doing. Sorry I could never get a good picture of him sleeping on my head ...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Belated BLOG Blather

Well, I finally managed to take decent photos of Mom's shawl ... natural daylight really makes a difference! This was a Doris Chan pattern. Again, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! Doris Chan stuff!

This was done in a wool/alpaca blend - pale, sagey green. One of Mom's favorite colors. No blocking required in the end. The weight of the yarn opened up the pattern nicely after one wearing. Gotta love that!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Crafter's ADD

I've been neglecting you again, dear BLOG.

I've had a lot going on at work and elsewhere. I'm still crocheting, dreaming, scheming ... hence the Crafter's ADD. I must have, what, 4 crochet projects going right now, mental planning for a possible jewelry show, ideas for some art, things I want to make to make my home feel more "home" ... GAAAHHH!!!!!! See?! Crafter's ADD.

BUT I can share some inspirations ...

I TOTALLY want to make this "chandelier" I found on ReadyMade

Plans Here

I'm also in need of a new bed frame. Unfortunately for me, I have expensive taste and shallow pockets. I have Todd Oldham's book "Handmade Modern: Mid-Century Inspired Projects for Your Home" - which I love. I like this platform bed, but would probably make it without this particular headboard. Maybe something upholstered. You can view the plans over at Martha Stewart's website.

Plans Here

Guess I'll be busy for a while. Lots to make ...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Shrug It Off

I made my first shrug. Again, another lovely pattern from the amazing Doris Chan. I loved the yarn color AND it's so soft and squishy. A bit warm for the current weather, but will be nice later this fall or on a cool summer evening or a trip to the movies...

Sigh...I have realized that I need to start planning my pictures better. (Obviously, I wasn't actually going to wear this shrug with a brown t-shirt.) Maybe take some outside, in natural lighting, too. All the "good" photos I see on other blogs or crafty websites usually involve more professional lighting. I'm just always so eager to say "woo-hoo!!! I finished it!!!" that I don't take the time to do things properly. Oh, well...

Friday, June 4, 2010


Yep. That's how I describe my cat.
AND that's also the kind of projects he likes to lay on.

Take Cara's Birthday Throw for example. (I can post pics now because the gift has been given.) I took a break one day. Got up for a few minutes. Came back and THIS is what I found.

He slept that way for like two hours. I had to work on something else because I didn't have the heart to move him. Plus, a twenty-three pound cat can pretty much sleep anywhere he wants to...

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tea for, One

Yea!!! I finished two projects this week. (Cara's Birthday Gift photos will have to wait. I'm not 100% happy with the pictures I took.)

BUT you all can see the shawl I finished for me! This would have worked up in a couple of evenings IF I hadn't also been working on Cara's throw blanket. I was good - waited until her gift was complete before I finished my shawl.

The pattern is by the insanely talented Doris Chan. If you're a crocheter, I totally recommend looking up her exploded lace designs. This one, The Chrysanthemum Tea Shawl, is like all her other designs - absolutely gorgeous! And amazingly simple. Once you figure out the repeat, each round works up without fuss. I'm TOTALLY doing more of her fact, shawl number two is underway. But that one is for Mom as a belated birthday gift. She bought the yarn, however. (LYS Knitorious was having an awesome Memorial Weekend sale. Picked up more yarn for myself to make another of these in this gorgeous red. Stay tuned!...)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Missed Mother's Day Part Deux

And here we have the Queen Anne's Lace Scarf for Mom. Previewed it for you prior to Mother's Day. Here it is finished. This turned out really well. The long color repeats work perfectly for this pattern.