Wednesday, June 10, 2015

High Seas Shawl

Above: front or right side of shawl

Above: back or wrong side of shawl (both sides are lovely!)

Above and Below:  back or wrong side shown on top with front or right side shown behind it. 
Hand-braided fringe.

Above: front or right side of shawl.

Above: close up of back or wrong side of shawl and hand-braided fringe.

Above: close up of front or right side of shawl and hand-braided fringe

Additional Details: This handwoven shawl of organic Italian cotton was made for an upcoming art auction.  You can find more details about the draft pattern, yarn used, etc. on my Ravelry project page found here.

On an aside ...
I've been (clearly) struggling with regular postings on this blog and I'm not sure how I can move past the irregularity that has become my blogging.  I think I struggle with witty things to say.  Why I feel I have to be witty?  --- well, if you've MET me, you know I love making jokes.  Usually as inappropriate as possible.  I think when faced with putting it down in writing it's like "GAH! I can't think of anything to say!!!"

So.  Methinks I'm going to aim for "less words, more pictures" from here on out.  If I feel the need to add details or explanation, I will.  Otherwise, just enjoy the view ....

-- Amy