Monday, August 29, 2011

What a Dish (Mat)!

I stumbled across a simple DIY dish drying mat while perusing Craft Gossip. The tutorial was from B is for Boy Creations. I thought it was pretty frickin' clever.

As someone without a dishwasher, I frequently need more room than the average dish drainer can hold. My mom is in the same boat. While I just throw down a tea towel and hope not to chip a glass on the cast iron drainboard, my mom has bought numerous items trying to resolve it. The most recent worked ... aside from the mildew that was being "trapped" between the rubbery backing and the mat. (Was NOT supposed to let moisture through...liars.)

So I thought THESE would be perfect! Easy, pretty AND functional!

I skipped the basting spray (mostly because I couldn't find any such thing) and used bias tape to bind as I don't own a surger. I like how they turned out. I trimmed off the short ends -- one all the way past the decorative ribbing. Just pinned the flannel and towel together (wrong sides facing) with the bias tape and POOF! Zip, zip, ZIP!

Super easy! I made a pair for her using two hand towels, less than 1 yard of flannel and about 1 1/2 packages of double fold bias tape. Totally machine washable.

Now ... wait until I get around to mine! :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Tiny Terrariums.
Gidget-size Greenhouses.

We made 'em.
Check out the handiwork of The Community Crafts Studio...

We took these things:

And made THESE things:

(This is the work of Linda B. ...I think)

(This is Bobbie's)

(Cara made this one)

(This contains one of my many Buddhas. I love Buddha.)

(Chris worked really hard on this one. Spent lots of time getting that plant situated J-U-S-T right)

(Cara made this one, too)

(Made by Mom)

(...also by Mom)

(Pat constructed this one)

(...and this one)

(I didn't get a shot of Aurelia's so she had to upstage everyone with the gorgeous natural light ... sigh)

There were many others made. But my camera skills are still a work in progress, so it's not that the others weren't worth showing ... but the glare from the flash or my unsteady hand made the pictures unusable. My bad ...

But fun was had by all!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Totally Tubular

I almost titled this post "shagadelic" because these vases are so retro! -- and I gots a new 'do that technically qualifies as a shag. But since a shag on curly hair doesn't really look like a shag, it would've been a lost joke. I digress ...

Last Friday I hit my favorite antique mall (no, I'm not telling you what it is) and I found some fab stuff! Little bits-n-bobs really. No furniture. This time.

Check these vases out!

Here's the "before" ...

And here's the "after" ...

I have some new Tillandsias (air plants)* and I thought these vases would be the perfect homes for a couple of them. They're in the bathroom for now. Will probably find a permanent place in the living room once I finish getting the new shelves filled and organized!

I debated showing you the wall of shelves in the bathroom. It's night time and it's all artificial lighting -- looks better during the day -- but I don't feel like waiting until tomorrow morning to take the picture. So here it is anyway ... bad lighting and all:

* If you want to know more about these fascinating plants and see some way cool varieties, check out Plant Oddities. I ordered a couple of assortment packs for an upcoming group project at The Community Crafts Studio and one of my plants had purple flowers! Another, hot pink tips! And these weren't even the "odd" ones! Methinks I'll be ordering some others ...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Who Knew?

...that Sansevierias could bloom?

I didn't.

Until mine did.

Tip: they REALLY like to be ignored. When I pay mine too much attention, it fades and droops. Ignore these girls...they like it.

As a bonus, I'm throwing in a couple shots of one of my philodendrons. I have three.

I love greenery...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Krafty Karma Kontinues

A few months ago, I wrote this post about Krafty Karma. I got a few takers -- I am still looking for two more, hint, hint!! -- and this is the first gift I sent out!

I really enjoyed piecing and "quilting" the random lines on the appliqué and making the patches for the handle.

AND I made my very first gusset! Now the bag bottom opens nice and wide to hold bulkier items!

The recipient (Hi, Rozelle!) told me she really likes how deep it is so things don't fall out! And that Clarabelle, the cat, wanted to sleep on it IMMEDIATELY! I guess if it passes Clarabelle's test, then you know I've done something right! ;)


PS -- if after reading the post referenced earlier you wish to participate, shoot me an email! I was looking for five co-crafty conspirators and only got three via Facebook! I'd be happy to get two more! :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Now THAT'S Hot!

...I'm really not sure if I'm referring to the man or the apron.

Chris was kinda bummed (I think) that my Dad got an apron before he did. Granted, I had to get something for Dad for Father's Day this year. Since he was retiring and Mom was insisting that he "pull his weight" and do some grilling on a regular basis, I made him a "manly" apron. All camo. All the way. (I'll post pics of that once I get some decent ones taken. Camera phone didn't cut it that day...)

Anyway, Chris cooks for a living and cooks a lot at home. *giggle, giggle* We're shacking up now. "Home" is now the same for both of us...

Okay, I got off track here. I think Chris assumed he would get an apron first, but he was too nice to whine about it. A few weeks back, I drug him to the fabric store. He was (fairly) patient and got rewarded with the fabric of his choice for making his apron. This is what he chose:

Flaming. Chili Peppers.

Despite this (just kidding, honey!) I agreed to stitch it up. I was recalling the pattern from memory as best I could. I left the book at home while at the studio. It's from this book by Martha Stewart. I adjusted because Chris didn't want neck ties - just a loop.

AND if he wishes, he can wear it like this:

He's wearing it now. Because he's in the kitchen. Making dinner. Barefoot.
Yeah, that's right: I keep my man barefoot and ... bald?

PS - I stitched up something else today, too! But that will have to wait for another post. I don't want my "craft it forward" buddy to see it until she has it in hand!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Kitchen Kreation

Okay. So I know that isn't how one spells "creation". I'm going for that whole poetic license thing. Get over it.

I have mad skills in the kitchen, too. So does Chris. He did contribute to this dish - he baked the chicken. I think it was marinated in white wine and some Herbs de Provence. I dunno. I wasn't really paying attention to that. I was busy thinking about the pasta portion. He diced the chicken and added toward the end.

Since we eat gluten free at home (Chris can't eat gluten. At all.) we tend to use the quinoa pasta. It has a slightly nutty flavor and holds up better than the rice based pasta. That stuff just turns to mush. Ick. But I like the quinoa. It's tasty!

This "sauce" is just butter, olive oil and Parmesan with a little crushed red pepper flake and cracked black pepper. Tossed with some fresh, roughly chopped spinach. Just to wilt it. Easy-peasy. Granted, I did use some awesome butter de parma. Expensive for butter. Bought by accident. But really G-O-O-D butter. Oh, and topped with a little more Parmesan. You can't have too much...

Light and easy. Just right for summer.