Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Burping Babies

Let's face it.
Babies burp.
A lot.

So what better thing to have handy for new parents but lots and lots of burp cloths!  These are for a co-worker who just welcomed a new baby girl, Isabella.  And of course, a new baby girl needs girly burp cloths, yes?

I took my inspiration from Purl Soho's blog, The Purl Bee.  I really liked the Oxford Burp Cloths made from soft cotton flannel and Oxford shirting.  I just didn't have any shirting fabric handy and couldn't find any that didn't have a "manly" feel to it, so ...

... I picked out some girly, pink fat-quarters.
And pink thread.

Aren't they pretty?
AND functional!
Plus, these work up pretty quickly. 
A tip?  Fold the yard of flannel so it's four layers thick and stack the fat-quarters on top.  Use a rotary cutter and "square" them all at once.  Since the flannel is "shifty", this will ensure that everything is the same size.  Next time, I'll use a bigger round object for my corners.  I wish the curve was a little more ... curvy.

I also think my photography is getting better.
I'm paying more attention to light and backgrounds and stuff.