Sunday, April 27, 2014

I Like Big Cowls and I Cannot Lie

So. Arm knitting.
Fast. Big. Trendy.

Here's hoping the fad lasts until next winter! THIS is the cowl for the next Snowmageddon! However, since it's almost May, I won't be wearing this anytime soon.

I made my own "yarn" using a yard or so of fleece fabric that I cut into a continuous strip. Maybe I'll have a tutorial on that someday....

It's extremely soft and squishy, by the way. Like REALLY cuddle-y. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

i-cord, u-cord....

Just rocking a little knitting love lately. Thanks to my knitting guru, I've mastered the i-cord bind off. This picture is just to taunt you with some yarn yumminess!

Here's a shot of the rest of the shawl.
Did I mention the short rows?

How about the intarsia and slip stitch color work?
Oh, and a little bit of lace work? (Yes, the holes are intentional.)

This pattern is the Rockefeller Shawl from Stephen West. I'll update this post with some links later. But for now, enjoy the yumminess!

P.S. Weird things happen when blogging from a mobile. Will have to clean this up later....
...and DONE!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bad Blogger!

I've been a bad, bad blogger as of late.
I could give you all kinds of justifications like being busy at work, moving my studio, etc. 
Instead, I'm just going to placate you with pretty pictures.

These are a couple of cowls I wove at Christmas. 
They were made from the same woven cloth. 

Sorry that my pics are a little fuzzy.  I was in a rush to get them packaged and with little sunlight available in the evenings to photograph with ... well, artificial light had to do.

These were woven with various textures, fibers and shades of gray/white/black/silver.  I love making random plaids!  Quite fun!

One of the recipients managed to snap a better lit picture for me later.  Whew!  That helped!

Hope this satisfies your craving for pretty things.  I promise to blog more often.

Or eventually.