Thursday, March 25, 2010

When Inspiration Strikes

Sometimes we see or feel things - shapes, colors, moods - that fill us with a desire to create. How can I work that color combination into my work? How can I use that shape to create something new? How can I translate that feeling into something everyone can understand?

Good questions, no?

Take mood boards, for example. Interior Designers use them to pull themes together. Artists might collect bits and bobs - now trendily called "ephemera" - for texture or color reference. We constantly surround ourselves with things we are drawn to. Myself, I need to get better about taking pictures of things I see that inspire me. Like these Chihuly Onions for example:

Is it just the color? Is it the shape that appeals to me? Was it the beautiful, hot summer day that I want to relive? Is the fact that I WANT a piece of Chihuly but can't afford it? Only time will tell...

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