Thursday, September 9, 2010

Black Hole of Despair

Okay, it's not really the Black Hole of Despair. It's just the shelf above my kitchen sink. Let me first say this: I actually really like my kitchen. Old school, cast iron farmhouse sink. Neat cabinets. However, they DO need painting. Properly. Landlord did crappy job ... every brush stroke shows. Repainting them is something I wouldn't mind tackling if I stay here more than a couple of years.

Anyway, back to the Black Hole of Despair. It's really depressing to look at while washing dishes. So what to do ... what to do. ..

I KNOW!!! I have a solution. (Phase one is already complete, but I'm going to wait until it's fully done before I post the DIY easy fix.) In the meantime, here is the actual Black Hole of Despair for you to fully appreciate:

Black, isn't it? Despair-inducing, no? Big, black, light-absorbing vortex of despair, right? That will soon change ...

Stay tuned!

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