Saturday, March 5, 2011

I Forgot...

I do have one thing I can show you.

This is what one works on when one is hiding in the basement from possible tornadoes earlier this week.

Yes, living in the Midwest, we do this a lot. Hide from tornadoes.

Actually, the tornadoes have started early this year. New Year's Eve to be exact. Little freaky. Ahh...the joys of global warming. Anyway, I just grab the guinea pig and cat, throw 'em in the pet carrier* and down we go! I find that grabbing some yarn and a hook helps to pass the time. Got to watch peoples' lawn furniture go flying past the basement windows. Quite exciting. A local landmark had part of their roof and front wall torn off. Yep. Just two doors down, across the alley. No actual tornado in my immediate area this time. Just straight line winds. Whatever. Seems to me, it's just a tornado that doesn't twist.

Anyway, passed quickly. Was only down there about 20 minutes. Granted, I was already in bed when I had to make the trek downstairs. Great way to ruin a good night's sleep before an interview.

Thanks, Mother Nature. Next time, would you mind arranging this just a bit earlier in the evening? I'd appreciate it...

* FYI: The cat and guinea pig behave perfectly well in the carrier together, thank you very much! They play together regularly, so this isn't unusual for them. They were pretty confused that night anyway, what with the weird air pressure and what-not.

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