Sunday, June 5, 2011


I found this fabric and immediately fell in love!
Oh, it's hideous! But I don't care. I love eet!
I knew these dragons would make a great purse!

Using this Reversible Purse pattern from Martha Stewart's website, I combined it with a nice, bright fuchsia. I doubt I'll use the solid-colored side, but I wanted it to be pretty inside, too. (Please see pattern note, below.)

* If you choose to attempt this pattern, please note that it doesn't tell you to flip the template over when cutting the second matching piece from each fabric. Read the comments. You'll see what I'm talking about.


  1. LOVE the fabric! i would love to make a dress out of it. dress with dragons - fierce!

    i love lotta jansdotter too! i saw lotta prints and *swoon* i had to buy it. so inspiring!

    AND i love your blog! i was reading through the posts and kept saying to myself, ooh i have that book too, or i made that too! :D

    happy crafting!

  2. Thanks! The dragon fabric is awesome! I still have some and am deciding what else to make...