Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve 2011

I enjoy a good, quiet, low-key New Year's Eve.

At home.

No driving around where you risk running into all the drunken fools who get behind the wheel of a car. Or all the loud parties and craziness. Or feeling the need to dress up and teeter around in high-heels all evening.

I prefer sitting around in comfy jeans and hanging with a few folks.

(Photo of chili at the 1/2 way point.)

So again, for this year, I'm making my award winning* turkey chili and Chris is making spicy, Mexican chorizo (and non-chorizo) queso dips. We're gonna eat, drink and play silly games. Some of us may last until the stroke of midnight ... others may head home early. Either way, good food and company will be had.

Here's to 2011! We hardly knew ya' ...

*Basic recipe was given to a former co-worker many, many moons ago who won a chili cook-off with it. She was kind enough to tell me about it. :)

HOWEVER it has since been "tweaked" and is even better than the original. I could SOOOO kick some chili cook-off ass with this stuff ...

Happy New Year to you!

Be safe.
Have a DD or call a cab.
Don't start 2012 dead.
It'll ruin your whole year ...

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  1. The chili smells awesome, of course, and I can't wait to enjoy it! Happy New Years baby!