Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Nothing Says Love Like a Beheading

That's right folks. St. Valentine was clubbed, stoned and beheaded.
Happy Valentine's Day!

But in honor of a more ... contemporary view of Valentine's Day, I created this card for MY Valentine:

What do you think? Too subtle? ;)


Today is actually my Valentine's birthday as well. Yesterday I baked him the world's best gluten free cake, made with a layer of strawberry in the middle:

Yeah, that's right. I can out-Martha Martha.


  1. My hubster also has a Valentine birthday -- it's kind of fun to celebrate. I did not make him a card or bake him a special cake this year though. You win Valentine birthdays! (Love strawberry in cakes!)

  2. The cake turned out REALLY good! We actually finished all of it! Not at one sitting though. ;)