Monday, September 24, 2012


Oh yeah, baby.
I'm making some changes.

... to my blog.  Have you noticed?

In my quest to become more professional, I've been doing some things here behind the scenes.  "Like what?" you may ask.  Well, here's a list of things:

  • Do a craft show (upcoming!)
  • Find better, faster ways to make things (Done! ... and ongoing)
  • Get an official logo - DONE!!!!!!!!!

Check THAT out! 

Isn't it awesome?!  You can also see it as my current Blogger profile pic.  I'm still working on other ways to incorporate it into the blog.  (Still learning the ins-and-outs of Blogger's layout and format.)

My new logo was brought to fruition by Kimberly (I can call her Kimmy) Brooks over at Kimberly Brooks Photography.   I had a temporary logo I had been using for a bit, but it needed to be better.  I sent her what I had and what I liked/disliked about it, she applied her magic and VOILA!  A new logo was created!

I knew I wanted something simple and graphic that would translate easily to labels, tags, stamps and such.  She knew I liked the combo of blocky letters with a scripted font.  And BAM!  A logo! 

Don't you love that wonky D?! 
And that sexy tail on the S?! 
Oh, that S just begs you to follow her little tail.
... minx.

Can I just say Kimmy and I must share a wavelength or something???  (I won't discuss the juvenile jokes that made us giggle like five-year olds -- for that would be juvenile!)  But SRSLY.  She totally "got me" and seemed to read my mind.  She rocks! 

Can you believe that the logo thing and web stuff isn't even her FAVORITE thing to do?!  She's a photographer at heart.  I've linked her website above - you should go check it out.  She's good, y'all.


  1. Epic use of "minx" first of all... and thank you for the shout out! I had a blast today working with you through email... It always warms my heart to find someone who can relate to my sometimes immature sense of humor! ;)

    1. LOL I'm always happy to share my juvenile humor with other like-minded individuals! And thank YOU for my new logo! :)

  2. awesome logo and new look! i do love the wonky D!