Sunday, October 7, 2012


  Presenting ...

My craft fair display! *
Clever, eh? 
Take one rolling garment rack, add some pegboard secured with zip ties and voila!  Pretty quick, portable and affordable display!

Here are some additional shots of the merchandise:


Above a few small clutches with a seamed edge, reverse-applique.

These are some large clutches featuring a certain space-based movie franchise.  I'm sure you can hear the theme music in your head.

Here's some various large totes.  Some cotton twill/cotton or linen/cotton.

A couple of smaller totes with fun flowers.

  Here's that bag again that I love so much.  Looks like I get to keep that one.  Yea!!!!

  And here are some quilted coasters.  Fun!

Anyway...we had fun!  Think it was worth-while for us three crafters.  Hope to do it again...maybe in the Spring!

* Had some issues with my digital camera, it seems.  Had to use a couple of camera phone pics to round out this post.

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