Saturday, March 2, 2013

More Crochet Goodness

*** Post updated on March 26, 2013 with written pattern for motif.  ***

Suzanne and I wrapped up our second batch of crochet seminars at the shop today.  And let me tell you -- people LOVE crochet!  :)

... and I'm really tired.

BUT had the sample completed for our second class set for the end of March.  It's also from The Happy Hooker by Debbie Stoller.  This is the "In Bloom Bag" - details can be found on my Ravelry Project Page.

Here is the pattern for the motif on the bag.  I improvised the design.  Please feel free to use for your own personal items.  It does not require much yarn.  Scraps are usually plenty.

Color A - Center of motif
Color B - Outside of motif

Stitches Used:
CH = Chain
SL ST = Slip Stitch
SC = Single Crochet
DC = Double Crochet (and Standing DC)
PICOT = (CH 3, SL ST to 1st CH made)

· With Color A, make a magic loop.
· CH 1, 8 SC in loop, SL ST first SC to join, tighten loop.
· CH 4 (counts as DC and CH 1) [skip 1 SC, DC next stitch, CH 7, DC same stitch, CH 1] repeat 3 more times, joins with SL ST to 3rd chain of beginning CH 4, fasten off Color A.
· With Color B, join to any CH 7 space using a Standing DC, continue in same CH space with 3 DC, PICOT, 4 DC, [SC in next CH 1 space, (4 DC, PICOT, 4 DC) in next CH 7 space], repeat 2 more times, SL ST to top of Standing DC, fasten off Color B.
* Note: Pattern assumes worsted weight yarn. If using a lighter weight yarn, you may wish to add another DC on each side of each Picot to fill in the chain space.

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