Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Burping Babies

Let's face it.
Babies burp.
A lot.

So what better thing to have handy for new parents but lots and lots of burp cloths!  These are for a co-worker who just welcomed a new baby girl, Isabella.  And of course, a new baby girl needs girly burp cloths, yes?

I took my inspiration from Purl Soho's blog, The Purl Bee.  I really liked the Oxford Burp Cloths made from soft cotton flannel and Oxford shirting.  I just didn't have any shirting fabric handy and couldn't find any that didn't have a "manly" feel to it, so ...

... I picked out some girly, pink fat-quarters.
And pink thread.

Aren't they pretty?
AND functional!
Plus, these work up pretty quickly. 
A tip?  Fold the yard of flannel so it's four layers thick and stack the fat-quarters on top.  Use a rotary cutter and "square" them all at once.  Since the flannel is "shifty", this will ensure that everything is the same size.  Next time, I'll use a bigger round object for my corners.  I wish the curve was a little more ... curvy.

I also think my photography is getting better.
I'm paying more attention to light and backgrounds and stuff.


  1. you don't even kid is self bumping but heck if we don't have a lot of clothes for bottle time etc.

    1. LOL So you're saying I should have made a couple dozen more?! :)

  2. such lovely fabric! burp cloths are a great idea, must keep in mind when i need to make baby gifts!

    1. They're pretty simple and quick to make. AND they look pretty. AND they're functional! Everyone always goes for the cute baby gifts and I always aim for practical because that seems to be the one thing new parents never get enough of at baby showers - the things they ACTUALLY need. :)

  3. Replies
    1. The flannel on those was soooo soft! (Bibs, too!)
      And they waaay better than plain old burp cloths!