Sunday, June 9, 2013

Special Order

Okay, okay.  It's not exactly a special order.  My bestie had a request for her birthday ...  "this fabric ... with that bag top ... but in black denim ... straps that are long enough, but not too long ..."  Well, you get the idea.  LOL  But it was her birthday gift so that makes is special!

So THIS bag was born:

I love this obnoxious fabric.  It's got every color of the rainbow.  Which means, it goes with everything in your closet!  Ha!  So of course, I had to use a rainbow thread!  All the seams, all the stitching, all the free-motion embroidery - rainbow!

Ain't she a beaut'?  Nice fuchsia lining.  A little more rainbow fabric tucked into the handle straps.  And of course, the free-motion embroidery on the black twill.  This was my second attempt.  Not too bad.  Need practice.  But for the look I was going for - scribble-y and angular - not too bad.

I gave it a tab closure, complete with magnetic snap.

The tab is black twill on the outside and rainbow fabric on the inside.  I made a twill "base" for the other side of the snap, to give it some heft and to keep it from pulling too hard on the lining.

As you see, below, I've given the bag a nice, hanging interior pocket.  Again, I didn't want the pocket to pull hard on the lining fabric.  So I dropped it between the interior "upper band" and the bag lining.  That way, when stitching the lining and the exterior together along the bottom of the "upper band", it gets a little more support.

The exterior and interior both have a pleat on each side to give a little more "growing" room to the bag.  With the bottom corner gussets, this is a pretty roomy bag!

Pretty bitchin' bag, no?


  1. awesome colours! i especially LOVE the free-motion embroidery, very cool!

  2. yup... i think i know who this is for and if so, it's her and i love it.

    1. ;) You would most likely be correct!
      And thank you!