Friday, August 16, 2013

Hawt Half-Granny

Who doesn't love a good Granny Square?
How about a Half-Granny?

Isn't it HAWT?!
It's a scrumptious, bulky cotton from Araucania.  I chose four coordinating shades of red, pink, orange and purple.  Seriously people, it's HAWT!!

The pattern is the Half Granny Square Shawl by Anastacia Zittel.  There are a couple of similar patterns floating around on Ravelry, but there's a reason her pattern is used waaay more than any others.  It's so much better!

I finished this about a month ago and just got around to taking pics yesterday.  I do that a lot ... there are so many finished projects I've never shown you because I forget to photograph them.  But this one was so awesome, I finally remembered!