Sunday, December 8, 2013

Where Art Thou?

Yeah, yeah, yeah...I've been MIA.  Had a craft show in October.  Trying to slowly get a web store up and running.  New job keeps me super busy all day so I'm kinda spent when I get home.  (Not that I mind.)  But the REAL reason I've been lax in blogging?

That would be WEAVING!!!

Oh, how I love it!  This above is my first thing EVER!  It's a mile long scarf.  SRSLY.  It's huge.

And here's my SECOND scarf!

There are other things that have been woven, but they're super secret until after Christmas.  :)  You'll see them then.  But apparently I have a new favorite thing.  LOL  I'm kinda obsessed.  I think you can see why.  Weaving yields such a soft and drapey fabric.  More so than knitting or crochet.  And it's quite meditative.  Once you've warped, it's just swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!  Now, I'm not doing anything super fancy.  This is just plain weaving.  Although I have an AWESOME plaid I can't wait to show you!  ...just not until after Christmas.  ;)

Ooo...and there's these fingerless mitts, too!  In a soft-n-squisy baby alpaca!

You can find the details over here on Ravelry, including the pattern I used.

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  1. weaving is so cool! love the colours of your scarves! and love the very fuzzy-looking fingerless mitt :D