Sunday, April 27, 2014

I Like Big Cowls and I Cannot Lie

So. Arm knitting.
Fast. Big. Trendy.

Here's hoping the fad lasts until next winter! THIS is the cowl for the next Snowmageddon! However, since it's almost May, I won't be wearing this anytime soon.

I made my own "yarn" using a yard or so of fleece fabric that I cut into a continuous strip. Maybe I'll have a tutorial on that someday....

It's extremely soft and squishy, by the way. Like REALLY cuddle-y. 


  1. Love it! It does look super duper squooshy...

  2. not sure how i didn't see this post until now - but i LOVE this! i've been wanting to try arm knitting, and cut-up fleece is such a great idea!

    1. With a coupon and sales on fleece at large fabric stores, it's only a few dollars worth of fleece! Thinking of making a blanket!