Sunday, January 31, 2010


I think I get my crafting genes from good old Dad.

Mom is the artist and poet, but Dad makes...well, STUFF. Stained glass, R/C airplanes, and his newest hobby: clocks.

So, yesterday I stopped at Hobby Lobby for a cheap sketchbook. While I was standing outside my car, on the phone with The Boyfriend (Chris), I look across the aisle, and lo and behold! Guess who else is at Hobby Lobby? Dad. Shocker. Tracked him down. He was shopping for clock stuff. Go figure.

Anyway...I of course wander over to the yarn. I was wearing a pair of my fingerless gloves and asked if - assuming they weren't various shades of pink like mine - would he want a pair. Yeah, he liked that idea. Even said he'd buy the materials. Even better. Found him some camouflage yarn - much manlier than the pink.

Whipped up pretty quick. First stab at this pattern I found a crochet website - not too bad. (Pattern link, below.)One is a little bigger than the other. Can't tell once they're on though. So I guess I shouldn't have mentioned it...but I figure you all deserve to know I'm not perfect...

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