Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Daily Distractions

Is it truly a distraction from your work if your 23 pound cat SITS on your work? I mean, it's not like he's merely distracting me. He's actually TAKING my work. He reaches out and grabs it. (He likes to sit on soft, squishy things.) And let's face it...a 23 pound cat gets his way. Move him, you say? YOU move him!

Sweetie Pie is very stubborn (I believe he's a Taurus.) Heaven forbid I deviate from his feeding schedule. Anyway...most of the time he ignores my yarn when I'm working. He's only interested in the finished or semi-finished product. To sit on. This is a little hat for Lily. I have since finished it, but at the "almost-there-point" I was forced to stop. Now you see why.

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