Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Crafts & Consternations

So it's been my annual tradition for umpteen years now to give my homemade soap for Christmas. I even began holding a soapmaking event for people who wanted to learn or wanted to participate. One year, I broke from tradition to make chocolate dipped biscotti and pretzels. People were actually disappointed. "Oh. You're not giving soap this year? I mean the cookies are really good, soap?" They were dipped in Ghirardelli Chocolate by the way...AND biscotti has to be baked TWICE! Twice the effort and everyone wanted soap instead. *

Well this year no one is getting soap. Again. Sorry. My supplier for the soap base has increased the packaging from a 20 lb. block to 25 lb. block. Which means price for soap AND shipping have both increased. It's still the best price for the best base I have found, but I just can't justify it this year. If I wait until payday, by the time it would arrive, I'd have like 4 days to make soap. Ain't gonna happen, people.

Here's where the "consternation" kicks in. What do I do instead? Maybe something to use up my yarn stash perhaps?? Something like...THIS:

Tawashis! The Japanese scrubbies for washing dishes!
These zip along quickly AND are useful! (Better looking than boring old sponges, I tell you!)

I love these hypberboic curves! (Check out this BLOG for the pattern!)

I can't post many of my other crochet crafties, because they are for destined for specific people. But they will be posted after Christmas for your viewing and coveting pleasure!

* Okay, I'm not REALLY bitching. I feel flattered that people like my soap so much. I know I do!

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