Monday, December 27, 2010

Mini Marishi

My Marishi came to me less than a week after my Sweetie Pie died ... via the Moore Family. She was found by Mama Moore's brother, abandoned and alone. Mama and Papa Moore were not prepared for a kitty member to join the family just yet, but one little Moore, whom we shall call T, didn't really want to give her away.

Little T wanted to keep Marishi. Or as she was known for one day, Princess. (Little girls name EVERYTHING Princess!) So Marishi "decided" that T should have a kitteh of her own. And it should look like the "Princess" she gave away.

I think I did good "manufacturing" a Mini Marishi!

I won't share with you the letter that Marishi "wrote" to little T, but let's just say it was highly amusing ...

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