Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bouncing Baby Boy Blanket

Okay, say THAT three times fast!

Anyway, this is a basic granny square blanket I worked up. Added three rows of single crochet to edges and then a modified picot trim. This is a nice soft cotton (especially after washing) and will make a great lightweight spring/summer cover-up.

I LOVE these colors! I actually wanted to use this yarn for a throw for my living room, but the blue was a little too "bright" for my color scheme. Looks great with the green - perfect for spring! Not too boyish - not too girlish - juuuust right!

BTW...this is for the baby of a boy I used to babysit for. Granted, at 28 (?) I can hardly call him a boy anymore. He's quite the man now! Damn, I feel old!

But he was a great big brother to his little bros and is gonna make a great papa! Congrats!

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