Monday, February 14, 2011


This is not a word typically used to describe me.

BUT from time to time...I can be sappy.

And crafty. Let's not forget crafty.
And cheap. Er, I mean fiscally challenged.
It's all about the free and re-purposed!
Yea, found stuff!

Check out these Valentine's Day gifties for my sweetie and my best bud:
Edit: the first project was for my sweetie who IS my best friend and the second project is for my bestest GIRLY friend. She's awesome.
xoxo to them both!

I found this idea over at Make-Gather-Grow. I found some scrap wood in my Dad's stash of stuff. Used some light bronze colored nails and red yarn I had in my stash. I cut out a paper heart to use as the template and taped it in place as I put in the nails. I tried to keep them evenly spaced. The pic below shows the template still in place with the nails around it. Don't forget to remove the paper template before wrapping your yarn or string! I left the wood unfinished and rough around the edges. It isn't cut perfectly, but I kinda like it! All part of the "found" look. I still need to attach a picture hanger to the back.

And here is a handmade Valentine for my friend, Cara.

Oil pastels on Bristol board, mounted onto a scrap piece of cardboard.
It's an abstract piece - just a little pretty for my pet!

There's also a silly little note on the back, but that's not for anyone but her! :)

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