Sunday, September 11, 2011

Barrel (Bag) of Monkeys

This little Bag O' Monkeys was made for the newly Doctorated Kelly.
(I know that "doctorated" isn't a word. I'm blaming it on the 101.3 degree fever I'm running right now ... )

It's based on this pattern from Martha Stewart. I've used it twice before. I love the fact that it's reversible, but the small handle is a bit of pain. Even with a free-arm sewing machine.

I made some changes ... used some mid-weight fusible lining in the handles to give it more "oomph". I found that mine stretched out a little too much and I think this will eliminate that problem. Made it a bit stiff, but it's all washable so it will probably soften up. Also, I tried cutting the pattern about a 1/2" larger all around to see if that would allow a little more room when stitching that smaller handle. That didn't really do much in that department, but it still turned out cute! The fabric totally reminds me of the Barrel of Monkeys monkeys, with their cute little interlocking tails!

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