Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Traveler

I was quite productive today.

My friend Suzanne came over for a little Soap Making 101. We whipped up some Lavender-Sage, Lemon-Sage, Green Tea & Honey, and Oatmeal & Honey soaps. I did a batch of Eucalyptus after she left. I was quite pleased to find a new supplier for the glycerin soap base. Saved me a little coin AND they do not feel the need to add antibacterial chemicals to it. Awesome.

THEN I whipped up a men's dop bag. I call it The Traveler.

Made from repurposed denim (i.e. jeans that ripped) and some pinstripe cotton for the lining. It's based up the Lawn Bag from 1-2-3 Sew. I had a happy accident while making the bag and I like how it turned out. The fabric tabs are different from the pattern and so the construction had to change slightly. All in all, I think it's a great bag for a dude to take whilst traveling. Gotta store your toothbrush somewhere!

And, yes, some of the bars of soap say "Mott's" on them. I like to use disposable containers as soap molds. They can be used a few times before they crack and need to hit the recycle bin. So they get to have more than a "use once and toss" kind of life.

Repurpose, people! THEN recycle!


  1. love the repurposed denim bag! and i'm thinking about making soap too! never tried it before, but i'm hoping to make some clear ones with small animal/dinosaur toys in them :D

  2. Trish, here is an article from Martha Stewart's website that you might find helpful:
    It's from an old issue where I learned to do it years ago! :)

  3. There's also a link at the top of the article to the basics of soap making. It's from the same original article. I think you can also find it in one of her recent books.