Saturday, April 21, 2012

Zakka Style Sew-A-Long: Week 3


I'm lazy.  I'll admit it.  
I seldom do any hand sewing.
This project only called for a wee tiny bit.
I still didn't do it.

But it's a cute little pincushion.
Of course, mine is a naughty girl.
She boldly proclaims "Stick It In Me".

She's a bad girl.


This project was kinda fun actually!

I played around with fabric stamping.  I was going to design my own stamp using an eraser, but there's a whole saga as to why that didn't happen.  You don't care.  I won't bore you.  BUT I did buy some simple block-letter stamps.  I found this wicked cool fabric-paint-that-works-like-a-fabric-dye that was pretty easy to use.  You have to let it dry for 24 hours then heat set it with an iron.  I can assure you that being lazy and waiting 3 or 4 days poses no issue.  Ahem.

And I like the little dome button on the front.  Reminds me of a gumdrop.  And yes, I understand the irony of NOT wanting to hand sew the cushion closed after stuffing but hand sewing on the button.  Yes, yes ... I'm quite the paradox.

Or just lazy.


  1. Too funny!! I hate handsewing too but I'm 'trying new things' but all the stabs ad blood makes it something I don't gravitate towards readily. Where did you buy your stamps?

    1. I found them at JoAnn's. Had a coupon.

      I actually have recently tried some Sashiko embroidery. Haven't posted about it yet. I liked that! ;)

  2. You're hilarious! I love handsewing, but only for decorative purposes. I don't do hems unless I'm desperate, and I REALLY considered stitching my pincushions shut by machine. I love irony much more than ironing!

    1. I know I need to do it more often because it does look better. Especially when finishing something this small. But as you can see ... I totally did it by machine! LOL