Sunday, May 13, 2012

Zakka Style Sew-A-Long: Week 6


Or not.  Busy, busy week this was.  I wasn't even going to attempt to do this week's project.  Not just because I didn't have time, I also have a stainless front refrigerator.  Magnets don't stick.

BUT ...
(There's always a but.)
On Saturday it occurred to me what a great idea this project was for using up scraps.  Which I have begun shoving in a plastic bag.  For now.  Working on a better system, but that's not really the point.  I have all these scrap fabric to use!  But I still don't need magnets.  So I decided to make broaches!  Well, broach singular.  (Hey!  I didn't have a lot of time, okay?!  Get off my back!)

Anyway, it isn't perfect.  I consider it my trial run as I see more of these in my future! 

Now, for the specifics.  I fussy-cut a piece of home dec weight cotton, used some repurposed denim scraps to surround it and attached a layer of fusible fleece behind it.  THEN I used some No. 5 Perle Cotton thread to put a simple running stitch around the flower.  (There I go, hand-sewing again!)  The back is Osnaburg and I used more of that to create a stronger base for the pin finding inside the whole thing.  Just like a scrap folded about 4 times to make it thicker.  Worked pretty well.  Stitched the pin to the backing BEFORE sewing the front and back together, RS facing then turning RS out.  Please ignore the wonky edge there on the back.  I was doing this quick and the seamed backing pulled apart a little.  Then I top-stitched all around the border twice.  Yes, I intentionally made those lines wonky as the edges aren't perfectly square.  Then denim stretches a little bit.

So that's my "Not-a-Magnet" for this week's project!