Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Purple Haze

I decided to just hit you with it all at once!

There it is again!  The purse I made!

Entirely my own creation!
Purple wool exterior.
Lined in purple printed cotton.

Bamboo handles.
(I didn't make those, but I did buy them and attach them!)
Removable flower pin.

I wanted something structured, so I used a firm interfacing to give it body.  This baby stands up!  ... you know, if the weighty handles didn't pull it over.  But it's seriously structured! 

...AND going to a good cause!
I made this for an upcoming art/craft auction. 

The shape had been rolling around in my head for a while.  I started another one first, but realized that what I'm doing with THAT one was going to take me quite awhile.  Lots of sewing, quilting, color changes.  But I still wanted to use the same shape for another bag.  I decided to part with some of my dear, purple wool tweed that I was saving for another project, but this structured bag called out for a suiting fabric, and who am I to argue?

*** New:  This bag design has a name now.  Meet Dolores.  She's a bit retro.  A bit glam.  A bit feisty.  And all lady.  ***