Sunday, July 1, 2012

Zakka Style Sew-A-Long: Week 13


I skipped the project for week 13 because I don't really need pocket hand warmers.  Besides, usually when I'm in need of something to keep my hands warm, I'm not near a microwave.  (The hand warmers require you to heat them in a microwave.)

Anyway, I DO need week 13's pot holders!  Who doesn't need pot holders, right?  (Granted, I'm only showing you one of them.  I haven't bound the second one yet, but I will.)  The project calls for nice, even strips of fabric. 

I can never follow the rules.

I love making wonky strips.  I think it's more fun!  I pulled together some various fabrics that all had the same colors, some of my favs.  I used Osnaburg for some of the solids and for the binding.  I made the pockets on the back in the same.  I didn't photograph that because it's not very exciting.  But it turned out well!  Trust me!

I quilted the lines to follow some of the seams.  And then did a few repeats inside some of those lines.

Seen to the far right of the potholder is one of my tea towels.  Ooo...pretty, huh?  I think I'm going to use some of the wonky scraps to edge another tea towel or two made of Osnaburg.

The blue magnet/bottle opener is from Bard's Beer.  They make a pretty tasty gluten free beer that Chris likes.  I like it, too.  It's pretty darn good!  He won a contest and they sent him that bottle opener and a Bard's tee shirt.  And here he is wearing it!

Maybe we should've ironed it first ...
Oh well!