Sunday, December 9, 2012

Extreme DERP!

So ... um ...
Sometimes you try something new and hey, it works really well.

Other times ...


Yeah, dying some silk today.  Decided to add some yarn to the bucket.  No problem.  Rinsed/washed the silk in the washing machine.  Again, no problem.  Did the yarn.  Without.  Thinking.  It.  Through.

Aaaannnndddd it wrapped around the agitator.  Like, completely.  Around.  The.  Agitator.

So somedays things go right.
And sometimes, not so much ...

* What's the DERP?! you ask?  Check out answer #5 and #7 for the closest approximation of what I mean here.

** And the silk by the way is GORGEOUS!  Can't post much more about it until after the holidays.  Can't be previewing gifts this early! ;)


  1. beautiful colours in the yarn! so... how did you get the yarn out?

    1. Well ... its started like this:
      "Hello? Dad? Yeah ... I, uh, f-ed something up really good. Can you come over and take apart my washing machine?"

      Actually the fix was pretty simple, no tools even needed. There's a cap on top of the center agitator that comes off, the the whole things lifts out. Voila! Free the yarn! Free the yarn! LOL

      Now ... I just have to untangle that mess.

    2. oooh... i'm glad it came out relatively hassle-free. the colour in the yarn looks pretty!