Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Sad Bunny is Sad

I don't know why Sad Bunny is sad.

I tried asking him.
But he didn't want to talk about it.

I suspect he felt I made his nose a little wonky.
And is probably resentful that I didn't sew on eyes and lips.

But he needs to cut me some slack.
He IS, after all, my first sewn stuffy. 
He should be proud, not all ... all ... "emo" or whatever.

I love his wonky ears.
Giggle, giggle ...

Sad Bunny was a Christmas present for my little buddy, Alex.  See, he's too young for the custom crayons I made for his brothers.  But a good stuffy is j-u-s-t right for a little fella.


  1. i love his ears too. he makes me want to give him an hug. i've always wanted to make a plush in the shape of a piece of toast, with the words "i feel crumby" on it, so i can hug it when i feel crummy. happy new year! :D

    1. I know, right?! He got hugs from his new human right away. So that's good. And you TOTALLY need to make an "I feel crumby" stuffy. And he would need the toast marks on his tushie! (You know, from the heat coils inside the toaster?) :)

    2. hahaha!! toast marks! XD