Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tulip Trees In Bloom

Things blooming. Noses sneezing.
No, this post isn't about snot. I promise.

It's about me finally getting this scarf done!! Not that it was difficult or particularly time consuming once it got going. Just took awhile to get it "off the ground." I had found a couple of similar patterns to the one I ended up using. (Should have gone with my first choice rather than be fooled by something that contained impressive graphically designed instructions but wasn't worth a crap.) THIS pattern was found on Khebhin Gibbon's blog via Ravelry: Click Here to find it.

...and I promise, it's a good one!

Lacy. Soft. I love how the yarn has a vintage feel to it. Yes, it's a little curled up - these photos are pre-blocking. I was just SOOO happy to finally wear it. The day I put it on, I looked around and the tulip trees and redbud trees were blooming. Looked just like this scarf. Ah, Spring...Glad you could join us.

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