Saturday, April 17, 2010

WIP It. WIP It Good!

Yes. I am aware that I spelled it "WIP".
It is knit- and crochet-speak for Work In Progress.

...and I have too many of them. I can't help it!
It's too easy to start on something...and then get distracted by-OOO! Shiny! (You know what I'm talkin' about.) You all do it. Whether it's home decor or jewelry or whatever.

So here are two of my current WIPs...

This Queen Anne's Lace Scarf above is Mom's Mother's Day Gift.
(It's okay. I had to have her approve the color, so she is aware of it. I'm not giving away any secrets or surprises here.)

This above piece is going to be a little shawlette.
I'm really pleased with how it's coming along.
(That's for me!)

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