Sunday, April 25, 2010

Community Crafts

As I may have mentioned before, my friend Cara and myself work out of a studio called The Community Crafts Studio. About once a month, we hold an "open studio" where crafty folk can work on their projects, share ideas and participate in the occasional workshop.

On Saturday, we held another "open studio" and asked for people to bring any projects they have made or would like to make using recycled or re-purposed materials. We talked about "plarn" - yarn made from plastic grocery bags...ReadyMade magazine, which is one of my personal faves...origami boxes made from magazines...rehabbed vintage jewelry...and on and on.

Sara B. brought in some old buttons and shared how to make stretchy bracelets. Below, you can see Cara working on her Mom's finished bracelet and some other finished samples.

The day wasn't all about buttons and bracelets. Here you can see Kathy, Jan and Pat working and, I mean SOCIALIZING! Socializing. Yes, we call it socializing!

Here are some samples of things finished or in progress. (From top: Linda's yarn holder, Pat's Lace Scarf, Kathy learning "V-Stitch", Mom's art...

A good time is always had by all.
Of course...the snacks don't hurt either. As Cartman said once, you gotta have "punch and pie"!

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