Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Grafitti Cardi

Well ... I made my first sewn garment.

AND I did it out of knit fabric.
(I know, right?!  WTF was I thinking?!  Apparently I like a challenge.  Or am just a masochist.  Potato-potahto.)

I took the project from Sewing In a Straight Line by Brett Bara.  It's the "First Time's a Charm Cardi" and it literally is like 7 rectangles.  SRSLY.  And two aren't even 100% necessary. *

I did read lots of tips from various books, blogs and such on working with knits, but they're still slippery little buggars.  I found this one at JoAnn's Fabrics - part of the April Johnston Project Runway line.  I love the grafitti!  (Believe it or not, the text actually all goes in one direction and I'm OCD enough to make sure ALL my panels, sleeves and facing are going the "right" way.)

Anyway, the construction is pretty straight forward.  The most difficult thing for me was working with the fabric itself.  You just have to slowly and carefully.

My cardi did end up being a little shorter than I would prefer and shorter than the pattern calls for.  When I got to hemming it I realized how much the back panel had shifted while I was cutting.  It was NOT even.  Not even a little.  So off came a chunk.

You live, you learn.  But if I decide I want it longer, I have some black knit that I can add at the bottom, almost like color-blocking.  It's all good ...

* Most knits don't really need to have "finished" edges as they won't unravel.  So one could choose to leave the facing off of the front edge if going for the whole casual/drapey look.  However, I did end up making the facing more of a band.  It made logical sense to me during assembly.  Besides, without the band, there's no way this would have even stood a chance of covering "the girls", if you know what I mean.  Note:  I actually DID do the facing right.  I was just tired at the time and thought I'd mucked it all up!  :)

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