Sunday, June 3, 2012

Zakka Style Sew-A-Long: Week 9


Yeah, yeah, yeah ... I missed two weeks of projects.
I know.  Time and traveling just didn't allow it to happen.
Kinda bummed, too.  Week 8 was a quilt that I was DYING to make.
I still will.  Just not right now.

BUT I did have time (barely) to do the project for Week 9 - The Stem Messenger Bag.  However, messenger bags aren't really "me."  The flap gets in my way or I'm always flipping it the wrong way or I can never get the snap to line up.  Messenger bags just don't work for me.  I loved the petals though.  So I revamped and came up with something that works for me.

The project also called for machine-stitched appliqué that I really don't think will hold up well to all the wear and tear a bag or purse gets.  Something always rubbing against the edges.  PLUS I've been wanting to try a seamed edge, reverse appliqué technique that  I saw in Modern Patchwork magazine.  I'm pretty pleased with my first attempt at this.  The linen stretches, so it may not have been ideal for this project.  The edges of the shapes are a little  wonky, but not terrible.

As you can see, I did add a "flap" ... it's just to keep the bag closed.  Uses a magnetic snap on the inside to attach to.  Ever since I added metal hardware to this bag, I've been wanting to use more.  So I used the metal rings to attach the strap tabs to the bag, then I could add the actual strap after.  This is much, much easier when turning the bag right-side out as the whole strap isn't in the way.

Instead of adding gussets to "box" the bottom of the bag, I added an entire panel.  This actually ended up being much easier than I thought it would be!  Did it to the lining, too.  Since the front panel was fairly small, I knew that adding a gusset would mean the front panel would end up wrapping around the bottom and sides, so I added the panel for depth.


  1. This bag turned out really cute! I think you did a great job baby!

  2. very nice! love the blue thread with the grey and yellow.

  3. Hey! how freaking adorable is that!!!!! I LOVE it! fantastic job!