Sunday, June 24, 2012

SEW It SEAMS I'm Making a Garment

Oh, come on.  You had to know that joke was coming at some point.

Anyway, I'm making my FIRST sewn garment.  It's a simple, kimono-sleeve cardigan from Sewing In a Straight Line by Brett Bara.  Why I chose to work with knits for my first garment ... well, I must be a glutton for punishment!  LOL

BUT so far it's going okay.  I read up on lots of tips about working with knits.  Using a piece of tissue paper between the fabric and the feed dogs is totally keeping the knit from getting sucked into the machine.  Plus, I figured out a few new things about stitch length/width with zig-zag stitches.  Fun, fun!  :)

And check out how smooth my seams are!  No puckering!  I'm pretty pleased about that!

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