Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I May Be B(ias)³ed

B(ias)³ first "official" crochet pattern.  Why is it official?  Because I was commissioned to create it as Knitorious' contribution to the Summer's Last Blast Yarn Crawl 2013!  I'm so excited!

Here is a quote from the intro to my pattern:

This scarf is a bit of a play on words. If you're any kind of a math nerd (ahem!), you will appreciate the cube pattern of the scarf reflected in the pattern name. If you're not a math nerd....well, just trust that it's funny. The scarf is worked in three basic sections. When looking at the right side (RS) of the fabric, the first section increases along the right edge only. The second section decreases along the left edge and continues increasing along the right. The third section continues decreasing along the left edge only. Once you understand how the increases/decreases work, it's an easily adaptable stitch pattern for a shawlette or stole or shawl!

Because I'm a nerd.  That's right.  The secret is out.  I gave my first "official" crochet pattern a nerdy, mathematical name.  Yep.  Nerd Alert!

This was a fun pattern to create.  I was inspired by a gridded or "cube" stitch from a stitch dictionary.  (Do you get the math-y, nerd part yet?  It's "cubed"???)  But it needed ... something. 

As much as I liked the cube-like stitch, it needed to be more than just a repeating grid.  So I thought it would look good worked at a fun, funky angle.  Again with the math!  But don't worry ... this pattern really doesn't involve much math.  Seriously, the largest number of stitches worked at one time is seven.  Most of us can count to seven.  

The pattern contains pretty easy to follow increases and decreases.  It's also easily adaptable to other sizes once you understand how it works.  

The pattern is available -- for F-R-E-E!!! -- in my Ravelry store.  Look for the link to my pattern shop on the sidebar of my blog (to your right.)  [Edit:  I'm having issues getting a button installed, so for now a link to my Ravelry Designer Page & Store will be in my bio.]  Enjoy!  Link up your finished projects on Ravelry!  I'd love to see them!


  1. i'm deathly afraid of math classes so i wasn't getting why the name of the pattern is cubed... but now i get it, it's CUBED!! :D :D :D so cool!

  2. Very appealing pattern. Thanks for making it available. I'm going to search my stash for yarn and give it a go. Thanks again!