Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Got Minerals?

I am enamoured with rocks.

I think it all started with a trip to Chicago when I was a little girl. I don't remember which museum we were at, but we were standing in some big long line to see some famous doll house or something. The line was so long that they had it queued through another exhibit. A rock, mineral and gemstone exhibit. I was a goner...

I remember having to look up to see the display cases and maybe at that level, the lights shone through the gems and made them look even more spectacular. I don't know. There were rocks that changed color under black light. There were faceted stones. Rough cut stones. A diamond unlike anything I've ever seen. Stones from outer space. I was IN. LOVE.

How could I obtain such amazing things? Easy. Grow 'em myself! Thus, a science fair project was born. Not just boring old "rock candy" - although that was made, too. Copper sulfate makes beautiful aqua blue crystals. Alum makes crystals resembling quartz, but cloudy. But what more could I do?

As I got older, jewelry became the next logical step. Walking into a bead store or a new age store and picking up stones that have been buried deep in our earth for millions of years is humbling. You get to touch something that holds all the secrets of our creation...but isn't telling.

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