Saturday, February 27, 2010

Resistance is Futile

I share a studio space with my friend, Cara, called the Community Crafts Studio. It gives us a space to work on our own projects while having a communal space where we can hold "open studios" where folks can come together to work on...well, whatever! Some crochet or knit...others paint or write...might get a scrapbooker or two...others come purely for the, I mean, conversation.

Sometimes during these "open studio" events, we will have a guided workshop. Last month, Cara led a class on folded paper boxes. Was a big hit! Everyone has leftover holiday cards that they can't bear to throw out, but what do you do with them year after year after year? Make boxes! Then you can string them up as a holiday garland that you CAN reuse year after year after year.

But I'm getting off track. Assimilation.

At today's "open studio", I led a group in making crochet Moebius scarves. (And learning FSC.) I had been getting lots of compliments and questions about the ones I've been wearing lately. Seemed like the perfect event! Even some gals who hadn't picked up a crochet hook in years were ready to learn.

The assimilation into yarn hoarders is almost complete! Resistance is futile.

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