Thursday, February 11, 2010

Math Geeks, UNITE!!!!!!!!

As someone who once thought about being a math teacher (did tutoring in college and realized "I don't care if people don't like math! I'm tired of arguing about it!") I love when math meets art. Or craft in this case. The Moebius Cowl. Also seen as Moebius Wrap. Or Moebius Scarf. Whatever. The point is, IT'S MATH!!!!!!! Or geometry or something. You can also call it an infinity loop. (If you can't Google it, try this: cut a thin strip of paper. Twist one end 180 degrees and tape the ends together. Grab a pencil and start drawing a line down the center of it. You'll see that you never have to pick up your pencil! It's only got one surface. Nifty, eh?) Mom & Dad got me this pretty yarn for Christmas and I was thinking of things to make with it. Realized it would be so pretty as a Moebius. Now I didn't have a pattern, but I got the general idea. Hence the past life experience as a math geek. Anyway, worked out fine! See?!?

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  1. As someone who DID become a math teacher - this is awesome! I'm always looking for ways to show my students where math can be found in the most unexpected places! Sounds like things are going well for you...YAY! Take care! Karen =)