Sunday, August 7, 2011

Now THAT'S Hot!

...I'm really not sure if I'm referring to the man or the apron.

Chris was kinda bummed (I think) that my Dad got an apron before he did. Granted, I had to get something for Dad for Father's Day this year. Since he was retiring and Mom was insisting that he "pull his weight" and do some grilling on a regular basis, I made him a "manly" apron. All camo. All the way. (I'll post pics of that once I get some decent ones taken. Camera phone didn't cut it that day...)

Anyway, Chris cooks for a living and cooks a lot at home. *giggle, giggle* We're shacking up now. "Home" is now the same for both of us...

Okay, I got off track here. I think Chris assumed he would get an apron first, but he was too nice to whine about it. A few weeks back, I drug him to the fabric store. He was (fairly) patient and got rewarded with the fabric of his choice for making his apron. This is what he chose:

Flaming. Chili Peppers.

Despite this (just kidding, honey!) I agreed to stitch it up. I was recalling the pattern from memory as best I could. I left the book at home while at the studio. It's from this book by Martha Stewart. I adjusted because Chris didn't want neck ties - just a loop.

AND if he wishes, he can wear it like this:

He's wearing it now. Because he's in the kitchen. Making dinner. Barefoot.
Yeah, that's right: I keep my man barefoot and ... bald?

PS - I stitched up something else today, too! But that will have to wait for another post. I don't want my "craft it forward" buddy to see it until she has it in hand!

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