Saturday, August 6, 2011

Kitchen Kreation

Okay. So I know that isn't how one spells "creation". I'm going for that whole poetic license thing. Get over it.

I have mad skills in the kitchen, too. So does Chris. He did contribute to this dish - he baked the chicken. I think it was marinated in white wine and some Herbs de Provence. I dunno. I wasn't really paying attention to that. I was busy thinking about the pasta portion. He diced the chicken and added toward the end.

Since we eat gluten free at home (Chris can't eat gluten. At all.) we tend to use the quinoa pasta. It has a slightly nutty flavor and holds up better than the rice based pasta. That stuff just turns to mush. Ick. But I like the quinoa. It's tasty!

This "sauce" is just butter, olive oil and Parmesan with a little crushed red pepper flake and cracked black pepper. Tossed with some fresh, roughly chopped spinach. Just to wilt it. Easy-peasy. Granted, I did use some awesome butter de parma. Expensive for butter. Bought by accident. But really G-O-O-D butter. Oh, and topped with a little more Parmesan. You can't have too much...

Light and easy. Just right for summer.

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