Thursday, August 11, 2011

Krafty Karma Kontinues

A few months ago, I wrote this post about Krafty Karma. I got a few takers -- I am still looking for two more, hint, hint!! -- and this is the first gift I sent out!

I really enjoyed piecing and "quilting" the random lines on the appliqué and making the patches for the handle.

AND I made my very first gusset! Now the bag bottom opens nice and wide to hold bulkier items!

The recipient (Hi, Rozelle!) told me she really likes how deep it is so things don't fall out! And that Clarabelle, the cat, wanted to sleep on it IMMEDIATELY! I guess if it passes Clarabelle's test, then you know I've done something right! ;)


PS -- if after reading the post referenced earlier you wish to participate, shoot me an email! I was looking for five co-crafty conspirators and only got three via Facebook! I'd be happy to get two more! :)

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