Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Happy Birthday, To Me!

Check it.

My sweetie bought me new dressmaker's shears and a yard of any fabric I wanted! I'd been eye-balling this Waverly at JoAnn's for a bit. (Shown at left.) And my bestie got me a new sewing box. Ain't it pretty?

Here's a better shot of the fabric. No idea what it will be yet. I'm leaning toward a tailored handbag of some sort ...

My bestie also got me a ham and some tailor's chalk. I got a gift card from my pops. I think Mom had to talk him into walking into a fabric store.

There were other bits-n-bobs, but these made up my "sewing stash" for today.
Oh. I did buy myself a spool holder. I forgot to take a pic of that. But it will make an appearance once I get it painted and hung on the wall. I'll do a whole shot of my sewing area then. When it's ready. :)

But for now ...

Happy birthday, to me! Happy birthday, to me! ...

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