Monday, October 31, 2011

More Halloween Fun

Halloween is my favorite holiday.
Kids are encouraged to go door-to-door for free sugar.
AND they get to be superheroes or ghosts or goblins.

So here's some of what's awaiting tonights sugar-seekers:

THAT, my friends, is an authentic graveyard marker courtesy of someone who obtained it legitimately. I swear! AND so that you know I come by my craftiness honestly, the skull with glowing red eyes was made by my Dad ages ago. It has now transferred hands and is officially in my possession. (We used to put it inside my parents' mailbox with a sign that said "dead letters office". That was my idea.)

Check out the "bubbling" cauldron.
Full of BUBBLE gum! (I slay me!)

And who doesn't have skulls hanging in their tree?!?

Here is a copy of the invite I created for our Halloween Party. Lewis and Betty Lu Cipher were happy to see those who braved the Highway to Hell ...

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